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How to impress your escort

When a beautiful woman enters your life all you want to do is impress her. With some ladies this comes easy. However, when it comes to awing an escort you should remember that it takes a lot of work and passion to get the right results. These lovely women have already experienced many exciting adventures and met many interesting men, so it is up to you to take her satisfaction to a whole new level. Here are a few tips that will help you conquer the admiration of that special girl you are dating.

Be a gentleman

This is the cardinal rule of dating escorts. Many men fail to understand that the best way to impress these lovely women is simply by being a gentleman. Beautiful woman want to be treated nice, with tenderness and attention. Just because you have rented her services it does not mean that you can treat her like a company car. Think of your first date with her as a test of your gentle side and act as a proper man of honor at all times.

Be adventurous

Your first date with a new lady from Escort Italia like those from might be the only time you actually see her. If you fail to treat her right, she will refuse to meet you again, regardless of how wealthy you are. Avoid being too cliché and do not use traditional dating ideas like: movies, dinner, dance and then straight to the hotel. Pick an exciting activity like bouldering, a trip to Bangkok or even diving with sharks. Anything that will take her out of her daily routine will surely win you a second date.

Show her your generous side

When you first meet a beautiful woman avoid giving the sensation of a job interview. Do not ask too many questions and do not talk too much about yourself. Let the conversation flow naturally and show that you are generous with your time by giving her the chance to relax and enjoy the evening. Escorts go on many dates and are probably sick of hearing about other people’s problems. Let her talk about her own life and your first date will be an immediate success.

Keep it simple

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to impress an escort. A bouquet of flowers, a subtle compliment and a nice smile are all it takes to make her night worthwhile. Most clients prepare audacious techniques to awe these beautiful women, like exotic trips, frontline concert seats and expensive gifts. If you want to show her your true colors, surprise her with simple, yet romantic gestures.

Impressing her is just the beginning

So, your first date was a success. You are now probably looking at a future relationship, which is why you must prepare new ways to impress her the next time you meet. Escorts usually choose to have a second date with a guy only if they truly amazed them. You must have done something right, so keep it that way and the bond between the two of you will grow even stronger.

How to get a second date

Meeting again with the lovely lady you have impressed on your first date is not easy. You have to play your cards the right way and wait a little before asking for a second meeting. Sometimes, these plans do not work out and she refuses you with no particular reason. When this happens, do not lose your hope! There are many other escorts out there who are waiting for a well-mannered gentleman to ask them out.